Auto Shotgun With The Safety Off


Just a tiny update...

I'm using a Python library called Tweetly (or something like that) to automatically post any new Blog update to Twitter. In a.. Hold on let me pause this Theo Von podcast. I can't hear myself think. ... Okay besides auto-publishing any new Blog post, there's also a button (if you're logged into the Blog site) to re-publish any Blog Entry with a single click.

...Unfortunately, the Twitter authentication thing prevents duplicate tweets from being posted. So, in a gesture of rebellion and power (picture Disney's Robin Hood) I added an integer field to my Blog Entry database model that will increment by one, each time any Entry get's posted to Twitter. I include the updated "version number" in each tweet, making each auto-tweet unique, therefore bypassing their duplicate tweet prevention.

That was fun. Lots more to do on this Blog.