Bulma.Io Searching For The Dragonballs


Devlog 0.3 (or something) / Op-ed ...

I'm using a CSS framework called Bulma to help with responsive layout and element/component styling. Over the course of several years I have ran the gamut of front end frame works from "heavyduty" boys like Bootstrap, to the slightly lighter Materialize (a favorite for a long time), all the way down to Skeleton, Simplegrid and rolling my own of course.

I stumbled on Bulma about a year ago and am giving it a solid try for the second time. When it comes to frameworks I prefer minimalism for their transparency and because I tend to work on smaller projects. What I mean by transparency is that I like to be able to comprehend the nuts and bolts. Bootstrap is great for all of it's widgets and behavior, but it's really a lot. ... The positive side to using any framework over rolling your own is that they all usually help apply vendor prefixes to your modern CSS attributes. Trust me, I'd rather be writing my own code from the ground up, but once you get into cross browser compatibility, and any amount of accessibility, it helps to have some of that stuff auto-generating.

Blah blah.. this is the same old story for a lot of intermediate-and-up developers. Bulma has sweet colors and documentation and I don't care how irrational I am, I grew up on Dragonball Z and I fucking love associating any amount of software development that I do with the fun factor of things I love like anime.

Next up: adding some images to this blog and trying out the Bulma "Tile" components as opposed to "Cards" (in columns).

Happy developing!