Eye Am You


Eye Am You - Block Party

Mural & Block Party. 1400 Park Ave. Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2018.

I received a donation to paint this mural, and a bunch of local people came out to hang out.

The piece is called "Eye am You" ... (a little fun words there)

I painted it using outdoor house paint, the heaviest I could find.

At the block party the soup was provided by At Last Gourmet Foods and the sandwiches were provided by Segue Cafe . (pronounced: seg way).

Some people saw it from their like 10th story balcony, 5 blocks away and stopped by. I met a nice guy who rolled through the square block that I was painting on. He had a bike, and one time he had a guitar he played. Bill I think was his name. The local firemen AND cops stopped by. The property owner who was there wanted a funny picture and had me and this cop pose like I was being arrested. Those moments are cheesy as hell, but I got passed that and played along. It was funny, and I'm glad that I have that pic now.