Screen Printing


tshirt - takers and leavers 2

Got the screen press and got down to business.

After learning computer programming, there's always been something difficult about going back to my traditional medium of drawing. The best way to describe the difference is with the word efficiancy. ... Once you write a working computer function, you can apply it to a number of situations and watch it produce hundreds of diverse outcomes in an instant. A drawing on the other hand is just one drawing. Sure we can make a copy and print that copy a million times. ... And that's sort of where the screen printing came into play.

The idea was to make my artwork more connected with it's audience. What's more connected than wearing it on your chest? And the other idea was to allow my work to spread far and wide. What's more widespread than printing (besides the internet, I guess)? The work below was done by myself, my friends, and several other sources. Each printing project was a success and the operation remains in production to this day.

Drawing is one thing, and murals are another. Computer programs are a different animal. But wearable, custom, limited run artwork remains one of the coolest.